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About Semiconductor Zone

Semiconductor Zone is a dynamic and thriving organization dedicated to propelling the global semiconductor ecosystem forward. With a commitment to lifelong learning, we strive to create compelling and pertinent content that fuels knowledge acquisition. By fostering vibrant communities and fostering collaboration, we generate synergy between nations, corporations, and individuals.


In pursuit of our mission, we organize and facilitate international events, webinars, and conferences. These platforms serve as invaluable spaces for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore emerging trends. Through these gatherings, we aim to empower individuals and companies alike, equipping them with the tools and connections necessary to thrive in the semiconductor landscape.


As Semiconductor Zone continues to grow and expand, we actively seek new partnerships. We extend a warm invitation to all those who are interested, be it individuals or companies, to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we will strengthen and enrich the global semiconductor ecosystem, driving innovation and shaping the future of technology.

Our Founders & Team

Shuka Zernovizky

Shuka Zernovizky, a co-founder of Semiconductor Zone, and accomplished electronics engineer and entrepreneur, known for his significant contributions to the semiconductor industry. Shuka's strategic marketing approach and industry knowledge have been instrumental in the company's growth and the establishment of valuable partnerships. With a Master's in Business Administration and a deep understanding of the technical intricacies of the semiconductor field, Shuka brings a unique perspective to his work. 

Shuka is also the founder of SemIsrael, an organization that has been hosting meaningful conferences and webinars for professionals and companies in the semiconductor industry for over a decade. These events serve as vital platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering collaboration among industry experts. The conferences and webinars organized by SemIsrael are highly regarded within the semiconductor community, attracting top professionals and companies from around the world. 

Shuka's dedication to creating a senseful and impactful platform for industry professionals demonstrates his commitment to the growth and advancement of the semiconductor industry. His efforts have not only fostered collaboration but have also contributed to the overall progress and development of the field. 

Chen Kotler

Chen Kotler, a co-founder of Semiconductor Zone, is a driving force behind innovation in media management, conference production, and strategic consulting. Her diverse marketing expertise empowers companies by enhancing brand presence, refining strategies, and achieving goals. Chen's entrepreneurial acumen positions her as an invaluable collaborator in the pursuit of success.

Co-founding the Israeli Discovery Channel ignited Chen's storytelling passion. Advancing from program director to executive director, she honed her skills in crafting impactful content. Beyond media, she fosters thought leader exchange and innovation through conferences, creating platforms that facilitate idea exchange and drive innovation.

In addition to her achievements, Chen's entrepreneurial spirit led her to found a cultural tourism business, seamlessly blending her passion for exploration with her innovative approach.

As a seasoned consultant, Chen guides budding entrepreneurs, particularly in the realm of social business ventures, offering strategic insights tailored to navigate complex markets.

We invite you to benefit from partnership opportunities as a vendor or content contributor in the semiconductor industry through our exclusive webinars.


Gain exposure to a targeted audience, showcase your products and services, and establish strategic collaborations with leading companies.


Share your expertise and ideas, position yourself as a thought leader, and drive mutual growth.


Don't miss this chance to elevate your brand and seize new opportunities in this transformative industry.


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